The 100% Water proof products like modular kitchen and bath vanities are possible thanks to the R&D efforts of the company. The entire manufacturing technique used to manufacture these products is developed and successfully implemented by the company. Fuzion Decors latest development is the Pro Hinge technology developed for Wardrobes, which makes them trouble free to operate with the extended life. Latest machineries are used to achieve high accuracy levels in production and precision assembly parts are used to ensure error free assembly during installations.

When our son, Mr.Venkatesh Kalakad, who lives in US, purchased an Apartment in Estancia, GST Road, he entrusted the responsibility of co-ordinating the interiors in our hands.  We were little apprehensive as to how to go about it.  Of course, we had to keep in mind our son’s and daughter-in-law’s taste and expectations...

Mrs. Vanaja Sundarajan