Out of box Ideas


Fuzion décor introduces for the very first time in the world, a truly Indian home kitchen requirement : The Built-in Wet grinder draw unit. Open it, use it, clean it and shut it. That’s it. No more cumbersome lifting of the grinder unit and clumsy washing. 

Caution: This is only possible in the Fuzion decors’ water friendly kitchen system and not any were else.  

Kitchens from Fuzion décor offer total cleaning, even for your Wet grinders.


Fuzion décor presents a total new concept into your kitchen: The Sit-down draw. Indian cooking style is not 2 minute cooking, more often than not, it is very elaborate and difficult to cook standing all the time. Hence the sit-down double draw unit, which allows you to sit and do your stuffing and other preparations in a relaxed seated posture, and also allows you to cook at the same time too. So enjoy your cooking .

The sit-down draw unit is especially useful to the Senior citizens, who find it difficult to stand and cook continuously.

Kitchens from Fuzion décor are designed for the Indian homes.