It’s a homemaker’s dream come true. Fuzion Kitchens thoughtful design features married with glorious finishes come with a host of advantages that makes cooking so much healthier and easier. Give your kitchen the much needed versatility and contemporary edge styled with accessories and fittings from brands of international repute.

Value Add-ons

  • All Indian Modular Kitchen.
  • The Hinges, Slides and all other hardware are sourced from reputed brands like to ensure all fitting and accessories are of international quality.
  • The Kitchen Shutters are totally waterproof and carry a lifetime warranty.
  • All materials used come with Quality assurance.
  • The kitchens are designed to aid internal cross ventilation between compartments.
  • Annual Maintenance is also offered to keep your kitchen in top working condition.
  • Complete know how for modular kitchen design and Interiors.

Design Advantage

Polymer Wood:
Unlike regular wooden panels, these are 100% waterproof. The wood-free property keeps away problems like termites, fungus and deformation. This way, your family is devoid of any health risk due to contamination.
Ease of Cleaning:
The water resistant properties of materials used help you clean regularly to retain your kitchen's freshness and sanity. The drawers can be easily removed to aid cleaning and the design gives easy access to otherwise hard to reach nooks and corners.
Water Friendly:
Fuzion Kitchens are designed with materials that are highly water resistant. It helps to keep your kitchen spotlessly clean and fresh. Unlike wood based kitchens, cleaning oil, grease and water spills is now child's play.
Truly Modular:
The gallery styled design gives you freedom to adjust and create the space required to suit your style of cooking. Be it colours, patterns, materials or accessories, the range is sure to surprise you while adding up your style quotient.


Our entire home interior is done by them, and we are happy with their work, new concepts and plenty of meaningful suggestions and incorporations.

Dr. Ulhas Pandurangi